Sunday, May 25, 2008

Victory for Dima Bilan - Russia

Dima Bilan won the contest for Russia with 272 points. He's the first winning male solo singer since 1990. His second trial at Eurovision, after having ended at 2nd place right behind Lordi in 2006, seems thus to have been a great success.

Don't know if Moscow is a good holiday destination for May 2009 with 6°C today and 16°C tomorrow.

Belgium really ended very low in the 1st semi-finals -> 17th place (of 19) with only 16 points (10 points received from The Netherlands and 6 from Estonia).

The Netherlands did it a bit better and ended at 13th place in the 1st semi-finals. Switzerland ended at 13th place in the 2nd semi-finals (with 47 points).

Here are the final results of the finals. As expected Russia, Ukraine and Greece share the top 3. It's good to see Norway also made it to the top 5 and Israƫl to the top 10.

A bit different from our votes :

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